to you rangrang

to you rangrang


투유랑랑은 수원에 위치한 디저트 전문 카페다. 로고는 이름에서 느껴지는 특유의 밝음을 곡선과 음표로 표현하는데 중점을 두었다.

To You RangRang is a dessert cafe located in Suwon, Korea. The focus of the logo was on curves and a music note in order to give friendly looks which the name of the cafe holds.

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04. 2020


studio exit

ceo. sang koo suh ㅣ business registration no. 101-32-09886 ㅣ ecommerce license no. 제2020-서울영등포-1136호
address. 서울시 서대문구 연희로8길 18 303호 cs. 010-8802-2420
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