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Celebrate One & Only Day

유튜브 채널 COOD LIFE 는 일상에서 소소한 재미를 느끼는 멤버들이 모여 매순간을 열정적으로 살아가는 모습을 보여주고자 만들어졌다. 한번 지나간 시간은 돌아오지 않는다. 그러니 늘 그 순간을 즐기며 감사하자, 그것이 COOD LIFE 의 목표이자 삶이다.

Life is made up with short and long journeys. Members of COOD LIFE make detailed plans for those journeys and try not to stray away from the track. Sometimes people become too focused on the paths they originally planned and miss some of the most beautiful aspects of daily life.

That is why COOD LIFE decided to celebrate and enjoy everyday of their lives as if it was the last day. They are open to learn different cultures, parties, and people because they know that this particular day would never come back. 

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06. 2018


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